Saturday, June 2, 2007

You can find out if your partner is cheating on you

Speaking of cheating, did you know that there is a software to find out whether your partner is loyal to you or not? The software, WebWatcher, was developed by a company calling itself Awareness Technologies, based in Los Angeles, California. Awareness Technologies has developed WebWatcher into the finest surveillance software tool available that allows non-technical people to level the playing field. The company consulted with several intelligence agencies to put together the most impressive list of features on the planet, offering people all over the world the chance to protect their relationships from the many threats the Internet makes possible. Want to know where your partner goes and who they're seeing? Want to know every detail of every conversation without them ever knowing? WebWatcher is the answer. Finally, nothing can be hidden from you.

One satisfied user sent this testimonial: "Thank you. You saved me a lot of heartache. What I suspected to be true, unfortunately was true. But if I hadn't been able to see it for myself, I would have been taken advantage of even further".

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