Saturday, June 2, 2007

Your pet parrot can reveal your dark secrets

If you are cheating on your partner, make sure that there is no evidence or witness whatsoever. And that includes a seemingly harmless pet like a parrot. A woman from London found this out the hard way. The talkative bird which can't seem to hide a secret was able to communicate to its master that his girlfriend was cheating on him. How? Every time the girl's mobile phone rang, the parrot would squawk "Hiya, Gary". Gary was the name of the guy with whom the girlfriend was having a tryst. The parrot, an African grey, also made noises as if two people were kissing each time it heard Gary's name on television or radio.

At first, the parrot's master was amused and thought it was just something the bird had picked up watching TV. But one day when he snuggled up beside his girlfriend on the sofa in their flat, the parrot suddenly blurted out imitating the girl's voice "I love you, Gary." That's when the man realized that something was going on while he was away, and confronted his girlfriend about it. The girl broke down in tears and confessed to having a four-month fling with Gary, a former colleague, meeting her in the flat while the parrot looked on. Her confession prompted the parrot's master to end their two-year relationship. The man also dispatched his pet because it wouldn't stop mentioning Gary's name again and again, torturing him endlessly. While the man did not feel sad to see his girlfriend go, he admitted that parting with his pet parrot broke his heart.

The talkative parrot has since found a new master, who is said to be a bachelor so there should be no problem if the bird squeals about something it sees in his apartment.

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